This one is legitimately delicious. When I made it for the first time, I was at a friend’s poolside birthday party where I could eat literally nothing they had on offer. When I finished blending it up, another guest came in, poured herself one, and exclaimed “this is dangerous! You can’t even taste the alcohol!”

That was mainly because I didn’t put any alcohol in. But the fact that it never occurred to her that it wasn’t an actual Pina Colada is all you need to know.

Pina Colada


  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
    • Brand doesn’t matter. I use Pure Protein
  • 1 bottle VitaminWater Zero Reset (Coconut Pineapple)
    • If you want to use 20 oz water and extracts or flavoring drops, that works too, but VitaminWater Zero is a lifesaver throughout the whole process
  • 1 bottle Trimino Pineapple Coconut Protein Infused Water
    • Same rule here as with the VitaminWater. This adds flavor and protein, but if you want to ditch it for 16 oz water/ice, you do you
  • 8 oz Silk Coconut Milk
    • Be very careful here. You don’t want to use actual coconut milk as that has an absurd number of calories. What you’ve looking for will be by almond milk in the grocery and be about 45 calories per 8oz serving
  • 10 oz Oikos Triple Zero Toasted Coconut Greek Yogurt
    • This is two of the individual serving size containers. If you want to use a different brand, go for it, but the nutritional value might shift. Make sure it doesn’t have added sugar and is fat free

Step by Step

  • Freeze the VitaminWater and Trimino
    • You can use ice cube trays or the tiny Rubbermaid Tupperware things. I prefer those as the lid means I don’t have to worry about it spilling all over my freezer
  • Place half the frozen cubes in the blender
  • Add in protein powder and yogurt
  • Dump in remaining cubes and coconut milk
  • Blend until creamy


  • Serving size 8 oz (12 servings per batch)
  • Calories: 39
  • Protein: 5.2g (4.7g if no Trimino)
  • Fat: 0.5g
    • Saturated 0.4g
  • Sugar: 1.2g
  • Total Carbs: 3.4g
  • Sodium 26.7mg